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2022-7-6 · IntelliMAX software comes with a free quote calculator so you can quickly and accurately quote a waterjet job. All OMAX abrasive waterjet systems use direct-drive pumps. Everything from the largest OMAX to the ProtoMAX effectively uses the same pump technology. OMAX''s direct-drive pumps consume less electricity and use up to 75% less water ...

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OMAX 2626. Compact and versatile, the small waterjet cutting machine OMAX® 2626 JetMachining Center has the smallest footprint of our cantilever-style waterjet machines. Featuring a footprint of just 9'' 8" x 6'' 0" (2,946 mm x 1,829 mm), the OMAX 2626 is a fit for even the most "space-challenged" shops. (more…)


2020-7-17 · The MicroMAX® JetMachining® Center is the ideal solution for ultra-precision abrasive waterjet machining. Utilizing. advanced high precision linear encoders, innovative vibration isolation, and proven software control systems, the. MicroMAX JetMachining Center is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns while retaining all.

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OMAX machines enable up to 6-axis cutting, accommodate a range of workpiece sizes, and offer versatility to fulfill orders ranging from prototyping to production; government . Our waterjet systems provide local and national governments, from fire departments to military units, with flexible solutions that save time and money. ...

5E Crusher Feat: DnD Feat Guide – Assorted Meeples

2021-8-24 · Crusher is a great feat for 5E DnD players using monks or other blunt weapon damage melee characters that adds some serious battlefield control and enemy debuff to strong melee attacks. This feat won''t be right for every style of melee character, but if you love the look of a war hammer, a mace, or fists of fury, there are some very good ...

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OptiMAX Waterjets

2022-7-6 · The OMAX OptiMAX is the culmination of three decades of engineering expertise and experience, resulting in the world''s most accurate waterjet designed for maximum uptime in any manufacturing environment. Unparalleled Service. OptiMAX 60X. 10'' 10" x 5'' 2". 3,302 mm x 1,575 mm. OptiMAX 80X. 14'' x 6'' 8".

Omega Crusher – Mobile Crushing and Screening

We specialize in the manufacture of mobile Crushing and Screening plants. Years of experience in this field has allowed us to manufacture new wheel mounted and tracked electrically powered crushers and screens to the worldwide market. The latest development for Omega is the J1065M. This state of the art primary Jaw Crusher has been purposed ...